Shihan Seiji Kanamura
8th Dan Kyokushin Karate

Shihan Seiji Kanamura was born in Tokyo.  His father and Mas Oyama knew each other for a long time.  In early 1960’s, he became Mas Oyama's student.  While training hard he successfully finished food chemistry at Meiji University in Tokyo. Between 1968 and 1971, he was the chief instructor in the Honbu Dojo.  He became the founding master’s personal driver and bodyguard.  In 1970, he received Best Technique and Best Spirit Awards as well as Best Attendance in special black belt training. Along Mas Oyama, he was in many movies and books.

In 1971, the founding master sent him to the United States to teach for two years. After the two years, Mas Oyama asked him to stay for another year.  Shihan Kanamura answered: OSU!  Each year, Mas Oyama asked him to stay for another year and the answer was always the same.  Since then, he has been living and teaching Kyokushin in New York.  He took over the dojo in downtown Brooklyn, which has been a legend in America since.

Also, since early 1980's, he has been a professor at the Long Island University, teaching sport science and karate.  He has taught in many places around the world, including Hawaii in 1974, Venezuela and Brazil in 1977, Canada in 1979, Haiti in 1980, Italy in 1983.  Shihan Kanamura put together the famous sword demonstration, which was shown at many competitions.

Shihan Kanamura was the national team coach many times since 1975.  At Mas Oyama's request, he did unforgettable demonstrations at many championships worldwide.  Each year since 2001, Shihan Kanamura has been frequently visiting many countries.